This Book is intended to represent my work and to plant seeds that will assist companies in their design development ventures, which we hope will include rruka. Textiles need to be seen and felt to be appreciated. My goal is to enable accurate ordering and total client satisfaction through this portable, tangible format.

The other key idea behind the Book is to prevent the loss of hand - crafted samples by making it easy to return using the enclosed postage - paid - envelope. If you need more than one week for decision - making, please request samples of the fabrics that interest you and kindly return this book. If you wish to place an order, please make a note of the fabric name and design number with a pencil on the paper provided in the inside sleeve of the Book cover. Out - of - state and international clients, please contact rruka for additional options.



Please recognize that the Book is not for sale. It is not to be cut into, altered, taken apart or reproduced. All fabric and designs are the property of rruka. Do not send any portion of the Book to other textile designers or mills. Please remain mindful of the time and cost that was invested in crafting each design sample. This Book features only the Luxe line.






















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